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Lucky7 Mobile Second Shop

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Lucky7 Mobile Second Shop
Lucky7 Mobile Second Shop
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  • I phone 6s pink ph only 99% - 320000ks
    I phone 6s+ silver ph only 95% -365000ks

    Mi #
    Mi 8 lite 4/128gb black ph only99% -275000ks
    Mi note3 black all acc 6/64gb 99% -235000ks
    Mi note3 black all no box 99% -230000ks

    Redmi #
    Note(6)pro black all acc 3/32gb 98%-215000ks
    Mi(6)pro black all acc4/64gb 99%-185000ks
    Mi pro gold ph only 3/64gb 98%-118000ks
    Mi(6) gold ph only 3/32gb 95%-118000ks
    Mi 4x gold ph only 2/16gb 99%-93000ks

    Vivo #
    V9 black all acc 98% -233000ks
    V7 plus black chargonly 99%-188000ks
    Y81 gold all acc 3/32 99%- 153000ks
    Y81 gold ph only 3/32 99%-148000ks
    Y81i black all acc 98% -148000ks
    Y71 gold all acc 99% -138000ks
    Y71 black ph only 99% -133000ks
    Y55 gold/pink ph only 98%-123000ks
    Y53 black ph only 99% -108000ks
    Y52 white/black 99% -98000ks

    Error 10 ရက္အာမခံပါတယ္ခင္ဗ်
    error ပါရင္ေငြအျပည့္ျပန္အမ္းပါတယ္ခင္ဗ်

    ေ႐ႊေညာင္ျပင္ေလး hotel မ်က္ေစာင္ထိုး
    မႏၲေလးၿမိဳ႕ ph 09404344677
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