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Digital clamp multimeter

22,000 Ks

Digital clamp multimeter
Digital clamp multimeter
Digital clamp multimeter
Attributes Description
  • DT266 Digital Clamp Meter Multimeter AC/DC Volt Amp Ohm Tester

    1.Multifunctional: can measure AC/DC voltage, AC current, resistance, continuity, insulation test.
    2.Intelligent:low power indication,over-load indication.
    3.Can measure resistance and do insulation test.
    4.Convenient to use: with LCD display and data hold function
    5.More advantages:buzzer sounds,over-load indication,data hold,quick response,portable design

    Model: DT266
    Color: yellow ; black
    Display: 3 1/2 digits LCD with a max reading
    Battery type: 9V battery( not included )
    AC voltage range:750V
    AC voltage accuracy:±(1.2%+5)
    DC voltage range: 1000V
    DC voltage accuracy:±(1.0%+5)
    AC current range: 200A/1000A
    AC current accuracy: ±(2.5%+13)/±(2.5%+8)
    Resistance range: 200Ω/20kΩ
    Resistance accuracy: ±(1.0%+10)/±(1.0%+4)
    Insulation test range:20MΩ/2kMΩ
    Insulation accuracy: ±(2%+2)/±(4%+2)/±(5%+2)
    Sampling speed:2 times per second