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Ad Submission Rules

If the administration of the website feels that a published ad violates the rules of the website, current laws or/and third parties rights, it reserves the right at any time to check and/or delete such ads, as well as to limit the User's actions who published such ads on the website.

Besides, the administration reserves the right to refuse publication of an ad if a User systematically violates the website’s rules, and in the event of confirmed complains about the ad from the other users.

If your ad ends up refused by a moderator, please check up whether it corresponds to the publishing rules described below.


General Guidelines

A user is not allowed to post or distribute:

  • prohibited items;

  • disreputable, defamatory, threatening or harassing, improper, unacceptable information;

  • ads with a vulgar abusive language;

  • ads from users who do not own the object/service;

  • the same ad (an offer of the same product or service) repeatedly, even if you are publishing it in different regions or categories/at different prices;

  • publish a lot of products/services in a single ad. If you have a large number of offers, please publish them in separate ads. Exceptions are “packaged” offers — the items that are sold/rented as a whole with an indication of the price for the whole package;

  • information on solely promotional nature with no offers of specific goods or services;

  • information that advertises internet resources (portals, forums, dating sites, etc.) or businesses (stores, companies);

  • ads asking for material help, a collection of funds for treatment, donation acceptance, etc.;

  • ads that contain false information, pyramid scheme ads, or other forms of money schemes;

  • viruses or any other techniques being able to damage the website, Administrator or other Users;

  • references or information about websites competing with the website’s services;

  • information representing “spam”, “chain letters”, “pyramids schemes” or undesirable or deceitful commercial advertising;

  • information which violates these Rules;



Other requirements:

  1. Before publishing your ad make sure that the section best corresponds to your ad, and the region complies with the actual location of your product;

  2. The user can only have a single registration on the site. Do not register again via another e-mail address;

  3. If your offer is no longer valid, then be sure to remove the ad right after the transaction is done. If you don’t, other users might still contact you about it, which is a nuisance for them and you;

  4. Do not contact anyone who has asked not to be contacted, or makes unsolicited contact with anyone for any commercial purpose;

  5. Do not collect personal data about other users or entities for commercial or unlawful purposes;


Requirements for filling in the ad's fields


  • The ad heading must correspond to its content;

  • Do not use repeated question marks, exclamation marks, or any other signs, as well as words that attract attention like “Urgent!!”, “Sale” “I’ll buy…!”, “Great deal”, etc.;

  • Do not indicate your contact information in the heading (phone number; physical/legal/e-mail address, the site name (link), ICQ, Skype, company name, etc.). This information should be entered in the designated “contact information” field.;



  • Fill in as many details about your product/service as you can;

  • Try not to use loose definitions while describing your product or service. Just relevant, accurate keywords and numbers;

  • Do not include specific information in the description (for example, phone number, e-mail, a website name (link), ICQ, Skype, etc.);



  • The price must correspond to the actual price of the object/service;

  • The price must be a whole number; no price replacement words are allowed (like “expensive”, “cheap”, “symbolic price”, etc.);

  • Do not indicate the price in the heading or the description section of the ad – there’s a separate field for that;



  • Upload a photo of the real object you are going to sell. For instance, if you’re publishing an ad about an iPhone 6s, you need to upload a photo specifically of that phone, not of a new iPhone 6s or a photo from the internet;

  • Take a photo of your product in its natural setting (e.g. it is a ring, show how it looks like on your hand);

  • Show how to use your product/service (e.g. take a picture of your scales with items on it so buyers know how to use it);

  • Showcase your item at different angles (e.g. snap the front and back of a t-shirt to show how it looks);

  • Use only good-quality, focused photos so that a buyer could distinguish the object you sell;

  • Keep the object simple and in the centre without a contrasting background;

  • Provision of services ads may contain any graphic images related to the topic, but they must not violate any intellectual rights;

  • It is forbidden to use photos of alcoholic drinks, tobacco products, or other prohibited items.


After you place the ad, it will be sent for verification to the moderator. If the moderator sees a mistake, the ad will be rejected.

Rejection of an ad is not a form of punishment, but just a message that an error has been made. You just should correct the mistakes and re-publish the ad.

If you try to restore the ad for lots of times without editing the mistakes it will be regarded as a refusal to carry out the requirement of the moderation service, and we will have to block your account with all the previously published ads.


Rejection reasons

Stolen photos
We found out that pictures you have added to your listing are used in other users’ ad, or they have been downloaded from the Internet. In order to have your ad approved by our moderators, we advise you to do follow our guidelines. 
Take photos of the item itself, go to ad editor, add the photos to your listing, and publish the ad again. 

Low-quality photos 
Quality of the uploaded by you photos is too low. It will be hard for potential buyers to distinguish what's in the picture, or to define the condition of the item and its characteristics and specifications. 
Set the photo quality in your camera to high and try taking photos of the item again. If the quality is low even then, try using another smartphone or camera to take photos. 

Suspiciously low price
The price of the item in your ad is suspiciously low. You might be treated as a scammer or fake items seller by other users on the platform. 
We are fighting against scammers and fraudsters on Swapix, therefore if it is a scam ad, you will be banned. If the stated price is really a price that you are asking for, please, contact our support. 

Irrelevant desсription
The description doesn’t match either ad title or uploaded photos. It can cause misunderstanding, and potential buyers might ignore your listing due to unclearness.
To get your ad approved, edit it and write a relevant item description, then publish it again.

Irrelevant photos
The uploaded photos don’t match either ad description or ad title. It can cause misunderstanding, and potential buyers might ignore your listing while they will not be able to see the pictures of the item for sale. 
In order to avoid your ad being declined by our moderators, take photos of the item itself and publish your ad again.

Irrelevant / Incorrect title
The ad title doesn’t match either ad description or uploaded photos, or the title violates our publication rules. Do not put any contact information including email address, website link in the title. 
Review your posting, check for its compliance with our rules, correct mistakes and/or delete any contact information from the title, and publish the ad one more time.

Prohibited item
You have tried to post a prohibited item or service. Check out the list of prohibited goods and services. In case of continuous violation of Swapix publication rules, your account will be blocked. 

Scam suspect or fake identity
Our moderators have marked your listing as a scam or fraud. This means that your ad contains some information that is often used by scammers or thieves.
If you think that your ad has been declined and marked as a scam by mistake, please contact our support.

Your ad already exists
Your ad was rejected due to being recognized as a duplicate. It is not allowed to post a single item more than once. 
Go to your personal account and check if you already have that item for sale, and if so delete the newly created ad. 

Several items in one ad
Do not mention several items of different kind and type in a single ad. You can do so only if you are selling, for example, several similar pairs of shoes just in different colors. 
In order to have your ads approved, you should divide the one ad into individual ads. Don’t forget one ad - one item.