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Security Measures

Caution! Fraudsters! How to avoid scams? is a free local classifieds site. This is Myanmar's biggest source of free private ads with easy surfing. Here you can find thoroughly classified advertisements with sections devoted to jobs, housing, personals, items wanted, services, résumés and more. All advertisements are free of charge and easy to find. This is the most popular and unique advertising website in Myanmar which guarantees you to find anything you want in a short-time cheaper than in any store. This fact attracts unwelcome crooks that constantly develop new methods of defrauding  customers. Your protection is fully our responsibility.

We are going to tell you about the most common scams. Read attentively and remain cautious.

Learn about safe buying and selling on ipivi. We protect the interests of copyright holders and assume the responsibility for the safety of all our customers.

Basic safety rules will help you to see the difference between scammers and genuine buyers and sellers. Being aware of the most common scam schemes will help you to identify fraudsters.

Basic safety rules

Scam and deception attempts can be easily avoided if you follow basic safety rules:

1. Make sure that you work with ipivi

If you go to our website using suspicious links you might be requested to enter your phone number to get an access to ipivi. Don't do this. Money can be withdrawn from your phone account.
Mind that ipivi is a FREE local classifieds site, which means that you DO NOT pay money anyway.

2. Beware of too attractive offers

If the price seems too low, be attentive, sometimes the price is a trick to attract as many users as possible. Perhaps you're dealing with a fake or a low-quality product, just be careful when you make purchase.

3. Choose reliable sellers

If the seller requires an upfront payment claiming that the item will be delivered from the other city and you are not sure of his/her reliability, you’d better find a seller who is ready to meet you face to face to get the item you need without any prepayments.

4. Don't disclose any personal data (passport, bank card and account numbers, etc.)

If somebody tries to persuade you to share your personal information it is the first sign that you deal with a dishonest buyer or seller.

5. Meet the seller face to face in a safe venue

This will significantly lower the risk of being cheated and you will be able to check the quality of the item.

6. Check banknotes carefully

Bright daylight can help you to avoid being paid fake notes for the item you sell.

The most common fraud schemes

Post delivery after prepayment

It is important to be cautious of the sellers who insist on post delivery with a 100% prepayment, especially in cases when face to face communication is possible.
Mind that there is no guarantee that either the post office or a seller will refund your money. It is safer to make the deal at least in the city you live. Don’t worry, you are guaranteed to find a similar item in a wide range of new ads on ipivi.

Sending emails and text messages

Sometimes fraudsters use the official ipivi logo for text messages and fake emails to trick you into sharing your personal information and passwords. Such emails might contain information of any kind eg. a request to change the password, a notification about report of an ad, or a newsletter). Never follow suspicious links or open attachments in unsolicited messages.

A "phishing" scam now is the most common and dangerous form of email fraud.

Main signs to identify phishing scams:

  • The sender’s email address doesn’t match the name of the company.

  • The message starts with a greeting eg. “Dear customer.” Authentic companies always include your name in their messages.

  • The message looks considerably different from other messages that you’ve received from the company.

  • The message requests personal information such as a credit card number or account password.

If the seller (or buyer) due to whatever reason tries to get your personal data such as your bank card number and CVV code, your bank account number, etc. sharing such information compromises your personal and financial safety. We recommend keeping your personal data confidential and not engaging in any money transactions which you do not fully understand.

Mind that our company never requests any of your personal data

Check main features of ipivi letters vs. suspicious emails:

A letter from a scammer A real email from Ipivi
You are requested to send confidential or personal  information.

We only ask questions regarding user's ads on our website.

Urgency: notifications that your account will be blocked or deleted. 


Read the letter carefully and then go to your personal account on ipivi. Make sure that the problem described in the email is real.

The letter contains an attachment.


We never send letters with attachments and suspicious links. Under no circumstance open such attachments or links.

Impersonal style used in the letter such as “Dear ipivi user!”


In our emails we address you with name indicated in your personal profile.

If you received a letter that contains any of the features mentioned above, you can either ignore it or check out your ipivi account.

Don't be blinded by spam tricks

Spam (or junk mail) is certainly annoying. Receiving of such correspondence leads to more and more spam in your inbox. Never respond to unsolicited emails and you’ll definitely be protected. Don't follow any instructions, don’t reply with any suitable words or ask any questions, unless you trust the source you’re dealing with. Never click on any links in a spam email, even if the email  tells you that's how to unsubscribe. Don't sign up with sites that promise to remove your name from spam lists.

Make sure you're using

Web pages which look similar to our website to obtain your personal data.

You can protect yourself against this type of criminal activity by following the rules described below:

  • Don't click on the links given to you by people you do not know and which you received as a spam via e-mail or through unknown SMS spam.

  • If you clicked on such link received from a stranger, carefully examine URL bar. Ipivi website and related resources will always have “” combination in their URL. It's likely that other links can be fake and not related to Ipivi!

  • When going to the website, look carefully at the left side of the address bar. Authentic Ipivi website will display a “lock” sign meaning you're at the right address. Ipivi cares about its customers’ safety and uses network security protocol. Information on all users’ activity is transmitted after being encrypted.

Should you have any doubts, there is a solution which will definitely lead you where you want to be. Just type “” in your browser.